Welcome to Invigilation Training

The role of the invigilator is an important one. Not only does Invigilation Training support the invigilator in enforcing the examination regulations of the awarding body, but also helps them provide a calm and supportive atmosphere for all candidates. Well trained invigilators allow candidates to perform at their best and maximise their grade potential.

GCSE and GCE examinations in schools and colleges are run according to the regulations of the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). Invigilation Training sessions are based around the JCQ guidance documents, and ensure that the correct procedures are followed.

Our Services

We provide a tailored range of training sessions according to the experience of the invigilators. With our many years of experience we can introduce new people to invigilation and basic exam procedure, refresh and support existing invigilators and cover advanced invigilation techniques and practices with experienced invigilators. With a variety of activities and training techniques we can also provide sessions to accommodate a range of invigilators.

Standard Invigilation Training sessions are 2 hours, and cost £150 (Plus expenses if outside the area normally covered).

Our trainers are all former QCDA Centre Support Officers, with a wide range of examination administration and training experience.

Our Trainers

Ann Mason



Dave Barnsley



Peter Forrow



Ros Gentry