In recent training sessions:

85% of participants found the session very useful and 10% found it useful. The remaining 5% found it quite useful.

Aims of attendees included:

  • To become a better invigilator!
  • Update and improve my invigilation
  • To learn the skills needed to invigilate an exam
  • Improve my competence as an invigilator
  • To obtain a good understanding of what the role involves
  • To listen to the experience of other invigilators/share good practice
  • To learn how to deal with different situations

Concerns of attendees included:

  • How much information can be given to candidates
  • How to become more effective as an invigilator
  • Making sure the correct procedures are followed
  • How to deal with problems in an exam
  • Dealing with disruptive students
  • How to deal with suspected cheating
  • What to do if a mobile phone goes off
  • Dealing with students who are late for the exam

 100% of participants said that their aims had been met and 100% said that their concerns had been fully dealt with.

Here’s what some recent participants had to say:

  • “I thought it was pitched really well for what the job needs and everyone left feeling really positive and keen to do a good job.  I`m expecting good things from my ‘team’ now.”
  • “Thank you for organising the training, it was really well presented.”
  • “Just wanted say what a brilliant invigilating training session it was today! Was really lead well the humour was great! Really helps you remember things better. That end video was very funny.”
  • “Thank you for arranging the Invigilator training session today. I found it most informative and am confident that it will help me to perform my duties to the high standard that is required. Many thanks!”